Life Coaching Testimonials: A few of my clients describe in their own words how they have produced extraordinary results by transforming themselves and their relationships:

Hiring Mehrdad as my life coach was a very smart choice for me.

Here is why:

  • I believe in myself in a way that I never did before. Mehrdad has helped me realize my strengths and how to overcome my fears.
  • I manifested the man of my dreams! No exaggeration! Less than 3 months after Mehrdad worked with me to identify (and write down) what kind of life-partner I really want, he showed up in my life from nowhere, just as I had described him in writing!
  • As a single Iranian woman in her 30’s who dearly loves her family, the cultural and generational differences between my family and me used to be very challenging for me, especially in relation to my love-life. Through my work with Mehrdad, I was able to see my own responsibility with regards to those challenges and figure out how to successfully deal with my family in a powerful, yet loving and respectful way.
  • Mehrdad helped me design a colorful future for myself full of joy and love.
  • I have become so much wiser and incredibly more effective in my relationships, especially my romantic relationship. For example, I used to sabotage my relationships without realizing it. Not anymore.
  • My love-life is so much more fun and fulfilling, not just for me, but also for my partner.

I also want to comment on some of Mehrdad’s qualities:

  • When you talk to Mehrdad, you will find out very quickly that he is a man of integrity.
  • He is very easy to talk to. Even though our coaching sessions have been by phone from 1000’s of miles away, it has always felt so comfortable and safe to talk to him, even about the most personal things that I have never shared with anyone else.
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It was a time in my life when every day felt like a battle, like something I had to survive. Future looked blurry. Sometimes, just thinking about the future made me anxious. I was looking for some way of “putting my life in order”.

Then in one Sunday afternoon, so-called “accidentally”, I came across an article written by Mehrdad in a magazine. At the end of the article, it said that he is a Life Coach. “Oh,” I thought to myself, “I didn’t know there is such a thing as a coach for life!” So I checked his website, contacted him, and one week later had my 1st coaching session, which was the beginning of an exciting and life-changing journey.

After just a couple of months of working with Mehrdad, I am now in a place of peace, with so much clarity, and not only feeling great about my life, but also living life with open arms and feeling excited about future.

My mind and heart work TOGETHER now (instead of against each other). I don’t judge myself nearly as much, and even though I still have some work to do in reaching a point where I deeply love myself, I am now in a genuine friendship with myself.

I can say with confidence that whether you are in your 40’s like me, or 55 or 25, whether your career or personal life is not fully satisfying, or you are struggling in your life, or yearning for real change, you are in the right place. You have already taken the first step by reading this.

Take the next step (like I did right at the moment when I was intrigued), try working with Mehrdad, and you will find wisdom that brings light to your life and the life of others around you.

Name kept confidential
Mehrdad has an amazing ability to create an authentic space free of judgments. I have always left my coaching sessions with Mehrdad with more clarity, peace, confidence, and a feeling of being more grounded. Of the outcomes I produced during my coaching relationship with Mehrdad, the most significant are:

  • I powerfully and appropriately completed an unfulfilling 10-year relationship.
  • I gained more self-awareness and became clearer about what I want.
  • I recognized some of my older paradigms & patterns that were no longer serving me and replaced them with more powerful ones.
  • I learned how to say NO and establish boundaries in my relationships.

I can say unequivocally that the time and money I invested on my coaching relationship with Mehrdad was every bit worth the improved quality of life and the results I produced.

When I first heard the term “life coach”, I had absolutely no idea what that was. And once I learned more about it, I was very skeptical about whether it would even work for me.

I knew that I needed change and that my life, the way it was, wasn’t working. I liked the idea of working with someone who is professionally trained, is objective and nonjudgmental, and respects confidentiality (since I am a very private person). So I decided to give it a try.

Having Mehrdad as my life coach has been such an eye-opening and life-changing experience. I have produced invaluable results through our coaching relationship, some of which were completely unexpected. Some notable examples are:

  • I have achieved something I had struggled with my entire life: being self-expressed
  • I have created a closer and more fulfilling relationship with my father, something that never existed in my life of 37 years
  • My life is no longer run by my fears
  • I have become more self-confident

Mehrdad is unmistakably passionate about making a difference and he is a skilled and truly extraordinary life coach.

Name kept confidential
Mehrdad has been my life coach for about 10 months.

To be specific about what I have achieved during this time:

  • I got a good job in a tough economy
  • I got engaged with my boyfriend
  • I am exercising regularly
  • I am clearer in my communication with my fiancé
  • I learned that when I decide I want something I am capable of achieving it
  • I can say I really like who I see looking back at me in the mirror

Mehrdad has been a great coach when I have been low, a solid pusher when I needed a nudge, and a great cheerleader when I have triumphed.

Working with Mehrdad has been an extraordinary experience in my life. …

I contacted Mehrdad at a time when I was distraught for lack of resources in life. I knew something was needed to be done. Mehrdad shed light on the areas that I overlooked and put things in perspective. He assisted me in seeing what needed to be done, in order to get to the sanctuary where I am now. I learned how to stay grounded as he showed me see my strengths. With his expertise, at the time of recent distress he was able to carry me back to my sanctuary again.

Mehrdad’s calm manner, wisdom beyond his years, and expertise make him an awesome life-coach and I cherish knowing him.

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