One-on-One Coaching

Even though many of my clients are within the San Francisco Bay Area (San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, …), I offer one-on-one coaching services to clients all over the world by phone (or by Skype or ooVoo). I also offer in-person one-on-one coaching within the San Francisco Bay Area.

I also have 2 pro-bono spots on a first-come-first-serve basis, only for clients with extra-challenging financial situation. Contact me for details.


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Group Coaching

Group coaching program fees depend on each program, but are generally significantly lower than one-on-one coaching programs. To be notified about my group coaching programs, subscribe to my email list.


Live Workshops

I periodically offer live workshops, either in a stand-alone format or as a part of a more comprehensive program. Description of some of my workshops are shown below:

Secrets of Breathtakingly Fulfilling Relationships

This workshop is for you if any of the following apply to you: Relationship Challenges

  • You don’t know how to attract quality relationships into your life
  • You can see a pattern of failed relationships in your life
  • You have a feeling that your fears or insecurities somehow get in the way of being your best self
  • You are tired of guess-work & trial-and-error when it comes to creating mutually fulfilling relationships
  • You feel powerless about repairing/mending a relationship that used to be wonderful
  • You deeply value your relationships, but you are less than satisfied with some of your most important relationships

Secrets of Communicating Effectively Even When It’s Hard

Communication is one of the most consequential skills we will ever learn!

Whether we know it or not, the quality of our life depends — in a big way — on the quality of our relationships. And the quality of our relationships depends on the way we communicate.

  • How do we minimize misunderstandings? And how do we handle them when they do occur?
  • When something bothers us, when is it best to let it go and when is it time to bring it up?
  • How do we communicate difficult things in a way that would move things forward (as opposed to inviting a defensive reaction)?
  • When should we apologize? What are the elements of a true apology and how do we apologize powerfully?
  • And what about communicating proactively (as opposed to reactively)?

This workshop covers:

    • Principles of effective one-on-one communication
    • Powerful communication techniques
    • Common communication pitfalls

How We Sabotage Our Own Success

We all — without exception — have habitual ways of sabotaging what we want in life. For someone this may take the form of “Let me check my emails or Facebook”, for another “I don’t have time”, for another “I’m confused” or “I don’t know”, for another “I’m unlucky” or “I can’t”, and yet for someone else “I have to win (even at the expense of what’s important to me)!”

The thing that makes these most destructive is that — almost by definition — they are in our blind spot. Once we are aware that we are about to undermine our own success, we suddenly have the conscious choice to change course.

In this workshop, you will identify some of your most destructive ways of sabotaging what’s important to you in life. You will also learn some powerful ways of putting your conscious self back in charge.

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