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Mehrdad Moayedzadeh, PCC, CPCC, has been coaching clients to produce extraordinary results in their lives for over 16 years.

Mehrdad is a Certified Professional Coach with extensive formal training on well-established and proven coaching methodology & techniques from one of the most highly respected coach training institutions in the world — The Coaches Training Institute, CTI.

In 1990’s, Mehrdad led introductory seminars for Landmark Education, one of the world’s leading personal training and development organizations. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree with High Distinction in Electrical Engineering, with two minors in Computer Science and Mathematics. He has also worked extensively within the technology field.

In his own words: “1994 was a big turning point in my life. That was when I was turned on to two things that have since defined me in profound ways: Personal Growth and Making a Difference.”

“My deliberate personal growth journey has never stopped since — and I hope it never does. Even though I think it goes a bit too far, I love this quote from Socrates: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” I have been fascinated by what makes us human beings tick — starting with myself, — what’s behind our choices, our buttons, our strengths, our weaknesses. This enormous amount of attention and effort on my own personal growth is the main source of my effectiveness with my clients.”

“Coaching is not the only expression of my passion for contribution. With very few and brief exceptions, I have always been involved with community activism and volunteerism since 1994. At first, I thought I was doing it to “save the world”! Later, I realized that service is a powerful form of self-definition and is as much about the gift of being our best selves as the actual difference we get to make in the process.”

Having lived in 3 countries, Mehrdad’s rich multi-cultural experience has given him a broader range of perspectives and a deeper understanding of cultural challenges than most coaches.

Mehrdad is a Certified Professional Coach and a business owner. He founded LIFE IS IMPORTANT and currently runs that business. He offers workshops and one-on-one coaching services to clients worldwide.

In his own words: “I am in the business of empowering people to live a life they love. To me this is more than just a career. It is an honor and privilege. It is a big part of my Life Purpose!”

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